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Please feel free to visit our beautiful and great Group-Affilitates :aww:
We appreciate every single Affilitation and we want to thank every single Group for your interest :hug:

Your Dragons in love <3


Feathered Mist:heart:Rastaban


Nicole :heart: Elijah

Sly :heart: Aylin

Iris :heart: Ray

April :heart: Typhoon

:iconelenathedragoness: & :iconpaulinethedragoness:
Chili :heart: Harmonica

:iconelenathedragoness: & :iconshadowxeyenoom:
France :heart: Valar

:iconkiaquaii: & :iconshadowxeyenoom:
Kithila :heart: Talan

:iconmagicthedragon15: & :iconxxdragonmelodyxx:
Magic :heart: Thunderina

Brandy :heart: Velixer

:iconvelixer: & :icona-wisp-of-straw:
Nakia :heart: Navy

:iconvelixer: & :iconcobalt900:
Anora :heart: Xavier

Scarlet :heart: Tyson

Sarah :heart: Shield

Shira :heart: Crusi

:iconxxshadowthedragoness: & :iconscourgexashfur:
Shadow :heart: Ash

Jalan :heart: Athena

:iconalexalex9959: & :iconiekeby:
Belis :heart: Neffy

Cylin :heart: Zilno
:iconcylin1: & :iconmalacethedragon:
Sparo :heart: Shire
darklight :heart: doom

:iconcynderlove: & :iconalaynadragoness:
Shane :heart: Zira

:iconkalathedragoness: & :iconoli-the-dragon:
Kala :heart: Oli

:iconandropov97: & :iconspyroxcynder1223:
Kyra :heart: Kyrato

:iconassiusthedragon: & :iconfeelicsthedragon16:

Pavora :heart: Brandon

:iconblackdragonbluelight: & :icontainted-guardian:
Comet :heart: Sapphire

Lightens :heart: Mist

Blade :heart: Thunderina

:iconjohnnyxluna: & :iconneospyro:
Raze :heart: Nea

:iconjohnnyxluna: & :icontoxicorion:
Ty :heart: Nea

:iconjohnnyxluna: & :iconlizard96:
Scorch :heart: Aurora

Bromalear :heart: Zalorra

:icongreynthedragon: & :icontazerthedragon:
Greyn :heart: Tazer

:iconnordeva: & :iconsssnuffy:
Lyza:heart: Sklyde

Jalan :heart: Athena

Vixen :heart: Heather

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Neiu :heart: Mirror

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Scarlett :heart: Infernous

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Sheliba :heart: Kyro

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River :heart: Nitro

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MoonShine :heart: Noa

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Crystal :heart: Zee

Weavel :heart: Valvanera

Scorch :heart: Amber

Stardust :heart: Volten

Larona :heart: Zero

Xeno :heart: Ania

:iconchiryoku411: & :iconalice-the-dragon:
Valice :heart: Terra

Prax :heart: Nyx

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Eireffair :heart: Kobold

Rex :heart: Rexy

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Sticky :heart: Igor

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Izumi :heart: Daisuke

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Narri :heart: Echo

:icondutchdragonzeeland: & :iconxneonshadow21:
Marinus :heart: Mydray

Selyroth :heart: Dremora

Yoshitoki :heart: Cindy

Trixie :heart: Spyro

Immah :heart:May(TokaiMurachan

:iconyuki-auraid: & :iconcerebrai:
Auraid :heart: Alaskys

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Saski :heart: MoonLight

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Shannon :heart: Cody

Tyrex :heart: Merile

Fracktail :heart: Solftail

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Conscript :heart: Negadrake

Skala :heart: Azuricarn

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Kydre :heart: Avani

Echo :heart: Veccy

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Silver :heart: Tenebe

Twila :heart: Kame

:iconfauziarab: & :icondragon-fan-art:
Kiera :heart: Wesler

Group Info

In this group we want to show ArtWorks and Stories of dragon couples in romantically and lovely situations :aww:
The main topic of this group are dragons which fell in love with an other dragon :icondragonglomp:
Of course we like to see your Dragon-ArtWorks with a single dragon character too ;)

We would appreciate to show your lovely ArtWorks and Storys of
:bulletred: Your favourite dragon couple of movies/games/... :heart:
:bulletred: Your own dragon couple characters :heart:
:bulletred: Your dragon/dragoness with the dragon/ess of an other :devart:-User who likes the couple too :heart:
:bulletred: Your favourite :devart:-Artist in the "Features"-section if an ArtWork or Story is impressing you of him/her :heart:

:bulletpurple: Please let us know if you want to be on this list with your own dragon couple/s too :cuddle:
We want to thank you for understanding if an update of the couples-list could take a little time because we don´t want to "spam" the inboxes of every Group-Watcher and everyone can be sure that his/her/their couple is will be seen after an update :aww:

:bulletpurple: If you want to be with your sweet couple on our list it would be very helpful if you´re telling us the names of your dragons and which dragon belongs to which user if you´re two Thank you very much :thanks:

:star: IMPORTANT! :star:

Of course everyone is having his/her own opinion and maybe likes a couple more than an other :aww:
Please respect if someone is having an other opinion! :hug:
Enjoy watching the ArtWorks and/or reading the stories of the dragon couple/s you like and maybe you´re finding interest in other dragon couple/s too :3


- :icon4-elements-dragon:4-Elements-Dragon
- :iconminerea:Minerea Co-Founder

~~~~BIG THANK'S TO:~~~~
- :iconpoisonouspeach:PoisonousPeach :icongoina: goina, :iconblacklal: BlackLal, :iconnatoli:Natoli, :iconninchiru:Ninchiru and :iconliving-my-dream: Living-My-Dream for being really great Contributors :hug:
- to every single member who is uploading ArtWorks in this lovely group and to everyone who is watching us :thanks:

Founded 6 Years ago
Aug 17, 2010


Group Focus
Common Interest

652 Members
549 Watchers
37,902 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

(This is just a brainstorming-journal by Mina Minerea ;P)

We are happy to see how many people joined Dragins-In-Love and are also very proud
about the activity of this little group and thier members=)

As you can see we poorly had/have the time to update the site or anwser
and we are very sorry about that.:(

This group will still be open for everyone who is interested to join
and also open for dragon-couple related pictures and love/family/friendship themed pictures
so our group will be still a interactive-active page;)

We hope to "renovate" the group a little bit, group-icon
and general changings and changes to the couple list  ^3^

To all people who listed their couples here:
After all the time we lost the view, because of all the couples
and changes here and there with the matching characters :blush:

So if you may still want a couple to be listed
we ask for only one couple per user :aww:
The list will get a own custom-box this time ;)
We will clean of the list at first until a lower number of names
so if your couple isn't be found or if we forget them, please write a comment
on the group-profile and we try to update everything asap :heart:


Well, that was is for first!:heart:

Stay in love~:love:

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MattttB Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There is a problem to update ! All works go to the featured, and we can't put anything in the two others files ! Why ?
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I'm thinking of a male Western dragon X an female Eastern Dragon.  
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hey i already sended a note but think this can aswell. can you please change Mydray and Marinus cus we broke up for super long now. and i have a other boyfriend for more then a year and made one for Mydray too. so can you do Mydray:heart: Thoran 

i will appriciate it a lot thankyou
AnutDraws Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
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Just wondering, I have a backstory of my OC Onyx's sort of wedding, where his fiancée dies, is that aloud in this group?
ScanTraxx27 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Daaamn I really love this group ... found it just now and the deviations are wonderful! <3
Thanks to the founders and all the contributers and submitters for making this possible! I love you :3
DragonRiderOmaga Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
hi cant believe some one finally put something like this for those people who love dragons
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Hey, might I suggest something?

Your gallery would be much easier to navigate if you categorized stuff a bit.

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Ralass Heart Aniusia


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Thank you in advance!
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Even though me and my mate broke up and i have a new one... I still love nega. always will too.
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So, what's the gist?
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they aren't that bad, and your story's pretty good.
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his to Tom and mine to Anna?
Thank you^^
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